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The Goldklang Group is smart, nimble and extremely well connected in all facets of the sports industry, offering each client maximum value combined with a global reach. Our sponsors and clients are partnering with an organization that reflects a shared mission to provide high-touch, world-class service.


The Goldklang Group event management experience includes the creation, management, sponsorship sales, ticketing, and execution of a wide range of non-baseball special events. Event management includes in-stadium and out of stadium turnkey event execution. The Group was amongst the first in professional sports to recognize the value of year-round venue control, creating a model for special events and non traditional revenue that has been mirrored throughout the industry.

When considering a Goldklang Group franchise, the intial focus is centered around the baseball product. In recent years, however, the Group has become increasingly more active in event management through capitalization on brand recognition, in concert with establishing further communication and trust with clients. Rather than rest on our laurels as the premiere operators in the nation, we've expanded our business to include a full schedule of special events. The Group's philosophy in developing and promoting these events is simple: capitalize on the established brand possessed by each franchise while utilizing talented staffs in place who are experienced in developing and staging events, whether baseball games or other high end venue or sports related experience. We have also become experts at capturing the creative energy from our events and applying it to other challenges. Participants in and sponsors of Goldklang Group events often extend well beyond baseball relationships, resulting in broadened support across all platforms.

At our core, however, we consider oursleves a steward of America's pastime, responsible for creating or guiding the love for baseball in each of our markets. That passion has helped create the current billion dollar industry with nearly 40 million fans and 176 teams. The Goldklang Group was formed to ensure this atmosphere permeates throughout each and every ballpark in which it invests, constructs, manages or consults. The Goldklang Group strives to provide entertainment that is unmatched in professional baseball.

Through an all-star team of seasoned professionals, constant evaluation of markets, and a large network of partners and affiliates, the Goldklang Group creates an exciting, family-oriented atmosphere for fans while bringing success to ownership and management groups throughout the U.S. Over the course of close to three decades, the Goldklang Group has developed extensive experience in virtually all aspects of the operation of professional sports franchises and venues. Group Executives have won numerous industry awards in diverse areas such as marketing, franchise management, promotional excellence, advertising, field turf maintenance and food and beverage concessions operations, and the staff is widely regarded as second to none in the industry.

In 1999, a strategic decision was made to offer the services of selected personnel to other sports and entertainment entities, subject to relationships determined on a case by case basis. These services have included marketing services provided to Major League Baseball Clubs; management of food and beverage concessions for other professional sports franchises; consulting services provided to minor league baseball franchises; facility management, catering and marketing services for conference centers; development of ballpark aesthetic programs; and contract negotiation and project oversight services in connection with the construction of minor league baseball facilities, including the negotiation of lease relationships.

In addition, we currently develop projects that focus on the generation of non traditional revenue (NTR) opportunities for minor league baseball franchises, including activities as diverse as concerts, banquets, graduations, etc.